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Why Google AdSense is the Best Advertising Program for Your Blog/website


Make-Money-From-Google-AdSenseGoogle Adsense

One of the best advertising company out there is google adsense and this is a very legitimate company that is owned by For bloggers and websites owner this adsense is highly recommend based on my experience and the level of professionalism they display.

How do I make money from adsense?

For bloggers/websites owners once you meet the requirement to get approved for adsense you can start displaying advertisements on your website, Now you have many other advertising companies out there like Chitika, VigLink, Infolinks and many more.  Google Adsense show contextual ads on a blog/website and also adsense is one of the best monetization ad networks available for any website in the world and a lot of websites owners are making thousands of dollars daily with adsense.

What are the benefits of using AdSense?

Google Adsense is safe and secure with payment also they convert well and you get to make more money from your ads displayed on your website (please remember DON”T click on your own ads google adsense will SUSPEND your adsense account immediately)

Google AdSense is a contextual ad network, which means their ads will be displayed based on your content on your the website you owned (example) If your website is about Shoes and Bags then ads will be showing pertaining to shoes and bags and other related products, what adsense does is collect data from your visitors (COOKIES) that will determine the visitors interest and will allow them to click on your adsense ads and that convert really well and you make more money.

Why You Should Choose Adsense Over Other Ads Network

When you get approved for Google Adsense Account then you will add the advertisement codes to your website/blogger. and after that then advertisement will start working on your website.

How to create and set up an AdSense account.

Here you can sight up for Google Adsense Account (Sign Up)

How Google Adsense Work on Website/Blogger

Google Adsense is a platform that is very skeptic when it comes to approving websites and bloggers site, reasons are very simple and not too hard to fix.

Watch this Video to Know Why

Google Adsense reject websites because of lack of content wording and categorizing and more common mistakes but once you have get all the small issues out of the way then you good to go with getting approved.

One Adsense Account For All Website, Youtube & Apps

Website\Blogger: The Gold that google hold is that you can monetized more than one websites, all you need to do is create each ad unit for each website/blogger and place the advertisement codes on each website/blogger, this allow all your earnings to come to one account. with other ads network you might just have to apply for each website to get approved, but once your website/blogger complies with the AdSense terms of service then you are good to use on your websites/bloggers.

Youtube: youtube is very easy to get approved when you produce videos on youtube, all you need to do is receive 10,000 views and your youtube channel is ready for monetization.

google adsense admob accountApps/Application: If you produce apps and publish them on application platform, you can monetized that app by simply signing up for Admob(Adsense Account) and place your ads code in to your application source file, admob give you choices of ads on how to monetized your application Example: banner, contextual, video ads, reward video ads and more. combining all your earnings will only make it easier to meet the adsense payment target of $100 to withdraw.

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  1. Interesting topics. Have been trawling through video after video learning how to get verified for adsense until I just did my best and did it independently. Then your YouTube video comes up after I got through on my very first attempt.

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